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Raptors in the City  is an inquiry-based science, internet and print research curriculum for ages 7-11, with adaptations for older grades

For classroom, library, afterschool, homeschool and mentoring programs

Supports one semester of study

Serious science that's fun!

Easy to administer - no software to install or learn

Celebrates saving species!

Objectives for Students:

National Science Education Content Standards: Student standards A, C, E, F, G
National Educational Technology Standards (NETS):  Technology Profile Performance Indicators (1), (2), (4), (5), (6), (7),(10)
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---  To study the characteristics and life cycle of the peregrine falcon in the
urban environment
---  To develop the skills of scientific inquiry and observation
---  To develop an understanding of adaptation to environmental changes
       within the peregrine falcon population   
---  To appreciate the role that science and technology have played in the
recovery of the species peregrine falcon from near extinction         
---  To organize resource data
---  To use telecommunications and online resources to access remote
       information and to communicate with others in support of direct and
       independent learning
---  To evaluate the accuracy or bias of electronic information sources


---  Each student will receive a "Flight of the Falcon Trail" sheet, to document
completion of assignments.  A feather is earned for each completed
assignment, several feathers lead to award levels ("Egg","Hatchling",etc.)
---  Each student will compile a personal bibliography, using standard
bibliographic form
---  Each student will keep a falcon journal as he or she follows the nesting
progress of a live camera online (a variety of websites are available that
      show the hatching and growth of chicks each spring)


---  Each child or group will create a print and internet source bibliography
       and will support the authority of the chosen sources
---  Each child or group will keep a daily falcon journal of observations of
nesting behavior
---  Children will produce drawings illustrating life cycle stages and falcon
---  Children will both answer and create further questions about adaptations
       to  environmental change in the peregrine population
---  Tests and other materials will be provided for periodic assessment


---  The "Raptors in the City" package (available in print or CD-ROM versions),
including a set of blackline masters, teacher's guide, resource lists to study
the peregrine falcon, a year's subscription to the "Falcon Flash"
       e-newsletter with commentary by a peregrine nest monitor for the Ohio
       Department of Wildlife and other experts, and a copy of the resource book,
     "The Peregrine Falcon -  Endangered No More"

---  Classroom, library or home access to the internet

(Note:  there is no software to install)

Timeframe to coincide with nesting season, roughly late February or March through June, although background research may begin earlier.  Class time may be tailored according to depth of study desired.
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Curriculum materials
print version  or CD
  $50  per classroom

Science and Technology Curriculum Materials Package
Grades 4-6
Assignments and award certificates
Resource Text

"Highly Recommended"
"Best Science Books for Children"
Science Books and Film
The American Association for the Advancement of Science
Subscription to the "Falcon Flash" e-newsletter
Expert commentary  about peregrine falcon nesting behavior as seen live online via cameras mounted on skyscrapers
Raptors in the City Mentor's Materials Kit
available in print form or via downloadable PDF
and includes activities and research topics for months of falcon webquesting and research fun.