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Sample Materials

Earn Your Feathers

Predator Award

1.  What caused the peregrine falcon to face extinction?         Describe how the falcons became endangered.

2.  Find out how many peregrine falcons lived in your state or province in 1970.  About how many live there today?

3.  What did people do to save the peregrine from extinction, and when did the battle get officially underway?

4.  Describe what it was like for humans to raise falcon chicks.

5.  What is "hacking"?
Sample of award certificate
Sample of assignments
The "Raptors in the City" package is available in  print form or CD and includes:
Complete set of blackline masters including assignments, scorecard, award certificates, assessment tools, resource lists & more

Note:  there is no software to install or learn, but internet access is recommended
Resource book "Highly Recommended"
by Science Books and Film, The American Association for the Advancement of Science
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